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Review the settings below to customize the Your Local Weather Link:
Your Weather Default Settings:
Default Forecast:
This is the type of forecast information that will automatically be displayed when you click the Your Local Weather link.
Default Location:
Enter in a US Zipcode, "City, State" combination or ICAO. For best results use a Zipcode or ICAO code. You can find the ICAO code located in the upper right corner of all the forecasts.
Your Weather Specialty Settings:
Default Zone Forecast View:
This determines whether the zone forecast view displays as 3 day or 7 day (When available) forecast.
Default Hourly Track View:
This determines whether the Hourly Track uses either the AVNMOS or NGMMOS prediction model by Default. The AVNMOS tends to have more coverage area than the NGMMOS.
Default Radar Type:
This is the default radar type to display when you click the Radar tab for a US location.
Default Radar View:
This determines whether the default Radar view is the latest image or the JavaScript radar animation of the past hour.

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