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Find Local Weather's Pinpoint Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location.
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Abbotts Pond Atwood Pond Avalon Farm Pond
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Bacon Pond Bald Hill Reservoir Ball Pond
Ballard Lake Ballard Pond Balmoral Farm Pond
Bantam Lake Bantam River Reservoir Barbers Pond
Bates Pond Baummer Pond Beaman Pond
Bear Swamp Beaver Pond Beetle Bung Pond
Bennett Ponds Bethels Pond Big Lake
Big Meadow Pond Bird Pond Birdsall Pond
Black Pond Black Rock Lake Black Rock Pond
Blatz Pond Bog Brook Reservoir Bog Meadow Pond
Boggs Pond Boyd Corners Reservoir Brady Pond
Brewster Pond Bronson E Lockwood Reservoir Bronson E Rockwell Reservation
Browns Pond Bulls Bridge Pond Bushy Hill Pond
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Carmel, Lake Carp Pond Case Pond
Cat Swamp Pond Cavanaugh Pond Cedar Hill Pond
Chanko Pond Chapel Pond Chestnut Ridge Reservoir
Christie Pond Clark Pond Clay Pond
Clear Pool Cogers Pond Corner Pond
Cranberry Pond Crane Pond Crystal Lake
Curtis Pond   
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Day Pond Dean Pond Deer Pond
Denton Lake Depression Pond Dickens Pond
Disbrow Pond Dog Pond Doyles Pond
Duck Pond   
E Back To Top
East Branch Reservoir East Lake Reservoir Eastman Pond
Echo Lake Eel Pond Ella Fohs Camp Pond
Ellis Pond Emmons Pond Engleke Pond
Eureka Lake   
F Back To Top
Falls Pond Farringtons Pond Fenn Pond
Ferris Pond Flanders Wildlife Pond Ford Pond
Forest Lake Fox Hill Lake French Lake
Fuller Pond Furnace Pond  
G Back To Top
Gerow Millpond Gilead, Lake Goose Pond
Gravel Pond Great Mountain Pond Great Pond
Green Mountain Lake Green Pond Gritman Pond
Guskie Pond   
H Back To Top
Haines Pond Hamlin Pond Hannon Pond
Harmony Lake Hart Pond Hatch Pond
Hattertown Pond Haviland Millpond Hawkins Pond
Hawley Pond Hedmons Pond Heminway Pond
Henderson Pond Herron Pond Hesseky Meadow Pond
Hilltop Pond Hop Brook Lake Housatonic River Reservoir
Huntington Pond   
I Back To Top
Ice Pond Iffland Pond Irvings Pond
J Back To Top
Jennings Pond Jones Pond Jordan Pond
K Back To Top
Keating Pond Kelley Pond Kellners Pond
Kenosia, Lake King Lake  
L Back To Top
Ladner Pond Lake Candlewood Lake Charles
Lake Dutchess Lake Elise Lake Floren
Lake Gleneida Lake Hayward Lake Lillinonah
Lake Mauweehoo Lake Naraneka Lake Quassapaug
Lake Windwing Lake Winnemaug Lake Zoar
Larkin Pond Lees Pond Leonard Pond
Levys Pond Lewis Pond Lily Pond
Litchfield Reservoir Little Buck Mountain Pond Little Pond
Little Tracys Pond Little Whaley Lake Lockwood Pond
Long Meadow Pond Lost Lake Lower Kohanza Lake
M Back To Top
Mamanasco Lake Mamanasco Pond Margerie Lake Reservoir
Marsh Pond Mckinney Pond Mendel Pond
Mercers Pond Merriman Pond Merton Mill Pond
Middle Branch Reservoir Mill Pond Milton Pond
Miry Dam Pond Miscus Pond Mohawk Pond
Morehouse Pond Morosani Pond Number 1 Morosani Pond Number 2
Morris Reservoir Morton Pond Mother Superior Lake
Mount Tom Pond Mountain Pond Mud Pond
Myers Pond   
N Back To Top
Naraneka, Lake Nash Pond Naugatuck Ice Company Pond
New Milford Reservoir Number 1 Nichols Pond Nimham, Lake
Norris Pond North Pond North Spectacle Pond
Northfield Brook Lake Northfield Pond Nystrom Pond State
O Back To Top
Oak Ledge Pond Ore Pond  
P Back To Top
Padanaram Reservoir Pakovitch Ponds Number 1 Palmer Lake
Papermill Pond Parce Pond Parkins Ponds
Parks Pond Patterson Pond Pawling Reservoir
Peach Lake Peck Pond Pell Lake
Pin Shop Pond Pine Pond Pitch Reservoir
Plymouth Reservoir Pootatuck River Reservoir Pray Pond
Putnam Lake Putnam Park Pond  
Q Back To Top
Quaker Lake Quassapaug, Lake Quist Pond
R Back To Top
Radey Pond Ray Lake Reichenback Pond
Reservoir Number 1 Reservoir Number 2 Reservoir Number 3
Reservoir Number 4 Richards Pond Ricker Pond
Rockland Ponds Roe Pond Roger Lewis Pond
Rogers Park Pond Rogers Pond Rowledge Pond
S Back To Top
Sanfords Pond Seven Hills Lake Seymour Reservoir Number 1
Seymour Reservoir Number 2 Seymour Reservoir Number 3 Seymour Reservoir Number 4
Shadow Lake Sharparoon Pond Shepaug Reservoir
Smith Pond South Lake South Pond
South Spectacle Pond Sperry Pond Spooner Pond
Spring Lake Sprout Lake Squantz Pond
Sterns Pond Stony Batter Pond Straits Pond
Strastrom Pond Straw Pond Stump Pond
Sugar Hollow Pond Sunset Lake Swan Lake
Swift Pond Sylvan Lake Sympaug Pond
T Back To Top
Tarrywile Lake Taunton Pond Taylors Pond
Thurston Pond Timber Lake Todd Park
Tonetta, Lake Towantic Pond Tracy Pond
Tracys Pond Transylvania Pond Turtle Pond
Tyler Lake   
U Back To Top
Umpawaug Pond Upper Kohanza Lake Upper Shepaug Reservoir
V Back To Top
Valley Pond   
W Back To Top
Wackawana, Lake Walnut Hill Pond Waramaug, Lake
Warner Pond Wataba Lake Watertown Reservoir
Waubeeka Lake Wellgoto Pond West Branch Reservoir
West Lake Reservoir West Side Pond Westminster Lake
Wewaka Brook Pond Whaley Lake White Pond
Wigwam Reservoir Wilford Pond Willow Lake
Wilton Pond Windwing, Lake Wonder Lake
Woodbridge Lake Woodbury Reservoir Wyant Pond
Z Back To Top
Zeiglers Pond   
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