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North Haven, CT Lakes & Reservoirs Weather

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Pinpoint Weather: North Haven, CT Lakes & Reservoirs

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Abbotts Pond Adder Reservoir Allyn Millpond
Ansonia Reservoir Arrigoni Pond Asylum Reservoir Number 1
Asylum Reservoir Number 2 Asylum Reservoir Number 3 Atwood Pond
Augurs Ice Pond Avalon Farm Pond Axle Shop Pond
B Back To Top
Baird Millpond Baldwin Dudley Pond Baldwins Pond
Bantam Pond Barbers Pond Bartlett Pond
Baummer Pond Beattie Pond Beaver Brook Ponds
Beaver Dam Lake Beaver Pond Beer Pond
Beetle Bung Pond Bell Shop Pond Belleview Lake
Beseck Lake Bishops Pond Black Pond
Black Shop Pond Bladens River Reservoir Boulder Lake
Bradley Hubbard Reservoir Branford Supply Ponds Brewsters Pond
Broad Brook Reservoir Brooks Pond Bruces Ice Pond
Brush Shop Pond Bushy Pond Butternut Pond
Butterworth Brook Reservoir   
C Back To Top
Candee Reservoir Capello Pond Carlson Pond
Carrington Pond Cedar Lake Cedar Pond
Cedar Swamp Pond Center Pond Chanko Pond
Cheshire Reservoir Chestnut Hill Reservoir Chordas Pond
City Mills Ponds Clark Pond Clarks Pond
Clarktown Pond Clay Pond Clear Lake
Clintons Pond Coan Pond Coe Pond
Colony Pond Community Lake Compounce Lake
Cone Pond Cooks Pond Cornelis Pond
Cranberry Pond Cromwell Pond Crosbys Pond
Crystal Lake   
D Back To Top
Dayton Pond Deer Lake Doerrs Pond
Dooley Pond Dream Lake Dudley Pond
Dunham Mill Pond Dunham Millpond  
E Back To Top
East Mountain Reservoir Echo Lake Edgewood Park Pond
Elmere Reservoir Emery Pond Enders Pond
Evers Pond   
F Back To Top
Fall Mountain Lake Farm Brook Reservoir Farm Brook Site 2a Reservoir
Farm Brook Site 2b Reservoir Fenn Pond Florians Pond
Foster Pond Fountain Lake Reservoir Foxon Pond
Fricks Pond Frog Pond Frost Road Pond
G Back To Top
Game Farm Pond Gills Pond Glen Lake
Goulds Pond Graniss Pond Grannis Pond
Great Brook Reservoir Great Hill Reservoir Greystone Pond
Griffins Pond Griswold Pond Guilford Lake
Guilford Lakes Gulf Pond  
H Back To Top
Hackney Pond Hallmere Reservoir Hallocks Pond
Hammonasset Reservoir Hancock Brook Lake Hancock Pond
Hanover Pond Hart Pond Hart Ponds
Hartens Pond Hedstroms Ponds Hidden Lake
Higganum Reservoir High Hill Pond Highland Pond
Hills Pond Number 1 Hills Pond Number 2 Hitchcock Lake
Hoadley Pond Hog Pond Hop Brook Lake
Hopkins Pond Horse Pond Horseshoe Lagoon
Horseshoe Pond Hubbard Pond Hummers Pond
I Back To Top
Ice House Pond Indian Heaven Pond Indian Lake
Iris Pond Isinglass Reservoir Ives Pond
J Back To Top
Jepp Pond Jobs Pond John Dees Pond
Johnson Brothers Pond Jordan Pond  
K Back To Top
Keighley Pond Keley Pond Kelley Pond
Kelsey Pond Kelseytown Reservoir Kenmere Reservoir
Killingworth Reservoir Kneuer Pond Konolds Pond
Kroopa Pond   
L Back To Top
Lacourse Pond Lake Bethany Lake Chamberlain
Lake Dawson Lake Elise Lake Gaillard
Lake Hammonasset Lake Housatonic Lake Quassapaug
Lake Saltonstall Lake Watrous Lake Wepawaug
Lake Wequapauset Lake Whitney Lake Winnemaug
Lake Wintergreen Lake Zoar Lampes Pond
Lane Pond Larkin Pond Larsens Pond
Laurel Brook Reservoir Laurelwood Pond Lidyhites Pond
Lily Pond Linsley Pond Lions Memorial Pool
Little River Reservoir Little Tracys Pond Little West Pond
Lockwood Lake Long Meadow Pond Long Pond
Lower Ansonia Reservoir Lower Fulton Park Pond Lower Hart Pond
Lower Lagoon   
M Back To Top
Mackenzie Reservoir Madison Lakes Malleys Pond
Malones Pond Maltby Lake Maltby Lakes North
Maltby Lakes West Maltby Lower Lake Marino Pond
Mason Pond Maupas Pond Means Brook Reservoir
Menuckatuck Reservoir Merimere Reservoir Meyers Pond
Middle Reservoir Milford Reservoir Millers Pond
Miner Pond Mirror Lake Miry Dam Pond
Mixville Pond Moss Farms Pond Motil Pond
Mount Higby Reservoir Mulberry Reservoir Murray Pond Number 2
Murray Ponds Myer Huber Pond Mystic Reservoir
N Back To Top
Nathan Pond Naugatuck Ice Company Pond Naugatuck River Reservoir
New Britain Reservoir New Dam Pond New Naugatuck Reservoir
New Pond Nichols Pond North Farms Reservoir
Norton Park Pond Norton Pond  
O Back To Top
Old Mill Pond Old Naugatuck Reservoir Old Scroggie Pond
P Back To Top
Pages Millpond Pakovitch Ponds Number 1 Palmers Pond
Pameacha Pond Papel Goods Pond Paper Goods Pond
Papermill Pond Park Pond Parkers Pond
Pattaconk Reservoir Pearson Pond Peat Swamp Reservoir
Pecausett Pond Peck Pond Pecks Mill Pond
Phipps Lake Picketts Pond Pin Oak Pond
Pin Shop Pond Pine Lake Pinewood Lake
Pirot Pond Pistapaug Pond Plainville Reservoir
Plants Pond Pollywog Pond Priess Pond
Pritchards Pond   
Q Back To Top
Quillinan Reservoir Quirks Pond Quonnipaug Lake
R Back To Top
Reservoir Number 1 Reservoir Number 2 Reservoir Number 3
Rifle Range Pond Risdon Pond Rose Mill Pond
Ruscom Pond   
S Back To Top
Sage Pond Sawmill Pond Scards Pond
Schildgen Pond Schreeder Pond Schumanns Pond
Scovill Reservoir Scoville Reservoir Seymour Reservoir Number 1
Seymour Reservoir Number 2 Seymour Reservoir Number 3 Seymour Reservoir Number 4
Shelley Lakes Shelton Reservoir Shelton Reservoir Number 3
Shultz Pond Shuttle Meadow Pond Shuttle Meadow Reservoir
Silver Lake Simpson Pond Skelton Reservoir
Slopers Pond Southington Reservoir Number 1 Southington Reservoir Number 2
Southington Reservoir Number 3 Sperry Pond Spring Brook Reservoir
Spring Lake Spring Water Lake Stannard Pond
Star Lake Starr Millpond Straitsville Reservoir
Straw Pond Success Lake Sullivans Pits Septic Lagoons
Supples Pond Swan Lake Swede Pond
Sylvan Lake   
T Back To Top
Talmage Pond Talmages Ice Pond Tetram Pond
Theriaults Ice Pond Thirsty Lake Thody Pond
Thrushwood Lake Thurston Pond Towantic Pond
Tower Hill Lake Town Millpond Tracys Pond
Trap Falls Reservoir Tri-lake Turkey Hill Reservoir
Turners Pond Turtle Pond Tuxis Pond
U Back To Top
Ulbrich Reservoir Union Ice Company Pond Upper Ansonia Reservoir
Upper Fulton Park Pond Upper Guilford Lake Upper Hart Pond
Upper Lagoon Upper Lake Phipps Upper Mill Pond
Upper Millpond Upper Pond Upper River Pond
V Back To Top
Valley Shores Pond North Valley Shores Pond South Vanasso Pond
W Back To Top
Walker Pond Wards Millpond Wasel Reservoir
Wassel Reservoir Water Company Pond Number 1 Waterbury Reservoir Number 2
Web Shop Pond Welton Pond Wepawaug Reservoir
West Brook Reservoir West Lake Whedons Pond
Wilcox Pond William J Ulbrich Reservoir Witch Hazel Millpond
Woodbury Reservoir Woodings Pond Woodruffs Pond
Woodtick Reservoir   
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Ymca Pond Youngs Pond  
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Zoar Pond   
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