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Find Local Weather's Pinpoint Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location.
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Amys Pond Ayers Pond  
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Bailey Pond Barbadoes Pond Barrells Millpond
Bauneg Beg Pond Beaver Dam Pond Beckmans Pond
Bellamy Reservoir Bellamy River Reservoir Blaisdell Pond
Boulter Pond Briley Pond Burke Pond
C Back To Top
Cains Millpond Car Barn Pond Carolyn, Lake
Cate Pond Cedar Waters Champlin Pond
Chases Pond Cider Mill Pond Clamshell Pond
Clarks Pond Cocheco River Reservoir Coffin Pond
Colcord Pond Coombs Pond Country Pond
Cox Pond Creek Pond Cutts Pond
Cyrus Pond   
D Back To Top
Davis Pond Deerings Pond Dodge Pond
Dodge Ponds Durham Reservoir  
E Back To Top
Ed Hanscom Pond Eel Pond Exeter Reservoir
Exeter River Reservoir   
F Back To Top
Folly Pond Frog Pond  
G Back To Top
Godfreys Pond Great Pond Great Works River Reservoir
Greenwood Pond   
H Back To Top
Hale Pond Halfmoon Pond Hall Ponds
Hampton Falls River Reservoir Hanson Pond Hoar Pond
Hoyt Pond   
I Back To Top
Imhoff Tank Indian Pond  
J Back To Top
Judes Pond   
K Back To Top
Knights Pond Knowles Pond  
L Back To Top
Lake Attitash Lake Gardner Lamprey Pond
Lamprey River Reservoir Langley Pond Leighs Mill Pond
Lily Pond Little Brook Little Long Pond
Little Pond Locke Pond Long Island Pond
Long Pond   
M Back To Top
Marsh Road Pond Mathews Millpond Meadow Pond
Mendums Pond Middle Pond Mill Pond
Muddy Pond Murdock Lake  
N Back To Top
Neoutaque River Reservoir Nippo Pond No Bottom Pond
North Mill Pond Nottingham Lake  
O Back To Top
Old Millpond Oyster River Reservoir  
P Back To Top
Pattens Pond Peverly Brook Lower Pond Peverly Brook Upper Pond
Philbrick Pond Phillips Pond Piscassic Ice Pond
Powwow Pond Preston Pond  
R Back To Top
Rochester Sewage Lagoons Round Pond Round Ponds
S Back To Top
Salmon Falls River Reservoir Sargent Millpond Scituate Pond
Scruton Pond South Mill Pond Spinney Creek
Staple Pond Staples Pond Stonehouse Pond
Stoney Brook Swains Lake  
T Back To Top
Taylor River Reservoir Town Of Exeter Sewerage Lagoons Reservoir Turtle Pond
Tuxbury Pond   
U Back To Top
Union Lake   
W Back To Top
Waddell Pond Warren Pond Welchs Pond
Wheelwright Pond Willand Pond Winkley Pond
Winnicut Mills Pond Winnicut River Reservoir  
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York Pond   
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