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Find Local Weather's Pinpoint Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location.
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Adams Lake   
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Baisley Pond Barbour Pond Basking Reservoir
Beechmont Lake Bloomingdale Pond Bogert Pond
Bridge Pond Brooks Lake Butchers Pond
C Back To Top
Cable Lake Cameron Lake Campbells Pond
Carpenter Pond Cedar Grove Reservoir Clarks Pond
Clove Lake Coles Pond Conselyeas Pond
Cooper Pond Country Club Ponds Crestwood Lake
Crystal Lake   
D Back To Top
Dahnerts Lake Diamond Mill Pond Dosoris Pond
Duck Pond Dundee Lake  
E Back To Top
East Pond   
F Back To Top
Franklin Lake   
G Back To Top
Gedney Pond Glenwood Lake Grant Pond
Grasmere Lake Grassy Sprain Reservoir Great Notch Reservoir
Grebe Pond Green Brook Pond  
H Back To Top
Hackensack Reservoir Number One Hackensack Reservoir Number Two Haledon Reservoir
Harlem Meer Hartung Lake Hempstead Lake
Hendricks Pond Highland Lake Hillview Reservoir
Hinchman Pond Hughes Lake Huguenot Lake
I Back To Top
Idlewild, Lake Indian Lake  
J Back To Top
Jacksons Pond Jerome Park Reservoir  
K Back To Top
Kingsland Lake Kissena Lake  
L Back To Top
Lake Tappan Lake, The Laurel Lake
Lawlin Pond Leeds Pond Lotz Pond
M Back To Top
Mamaroneck Reservoir Maple Lake Martling Lake
Mead Pond Meadow Lake Mill Pond
Moores Pond   
N Back To Top
New Street Reservoir   
O Back To Top
Oakland Lake Ohrback Lake Old Mill Pond
Oldham Pond Oradell Reservoir Orange Reservoir
P Back To Top
Packanack Lake Paine Lake Parsons Pond
Pelham Lake Pfisters Pond Pine Lake
Pond, The Pool, The Premium Millpond
Prospect Park Lake   
R Back To Top
Rambaut Lake Reservoir Number One Reservoir Number Three
Reservoir Number Two Ridder Pond Ridgewood Reservoir
Roslyn Pond Roveres Lake  
S Back To Top
Sage Pond San Jacinto Lake Schlegel Lake
Schodack Pond Scudders Pond Sheldrake Lake
Silver Lake Silver Lake Reservoir Smith Pond
South Pond Spring Lake Stanley M Levine Reservoir
Storm Pond Stump Pond Success, Lake
Swins Ponds   
T Back To Top
Titus Millpond Toms Lake  
U Back To Top
Udalls Millpond   
V Back To Top
Valley Lake Van Amringe Millpond Van Cortlandt Lake
Van Winkles Pond Vanderbush Lake Verona Lake
Vincent, Lake   
W Back To Top
Walker Pond Weequahic Lake West Pond
Western Reservoir Whites Lake Whitney Lake
Wild Duck Pond Willow Lake Willow Pond
Woodcliff Lake Woodlands Lake Woodlawn Lake
Y Back To Top
Yantacaw Pond   
Z Back To Top
Zabriskies Pond Ziegler Pond  
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