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Brattleboro, VT Lakes & Reservoirs Weather

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Pinpoint Weather: Brattleboro, VT Lakes & Reservoirs

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Adam Pond Albert Davenport Pond Ashuelot River Reservoir
Athens Pond   
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Babbidge Reservoir Baker Pond Ball Mountain Lake
Bent Pond Bowens Pond  
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California Brook Pond Cass Pond Clara Lake
Connecticut River Reservoir Crystal Pond  
D Back To Top
Davenport Brook Reservoir Deane Pond Deep Hole
Deer Park Pond Deerfield River Reservoir Dickinson Pond
F Back To Top
Fall River Reservoir Forest Lake Fullam Pond
G Back To Top
Gales Pond Gates Pond Goose Pond
Grandin Reservoir Graves Pond Greenfield Reservoir
Greenfield Reservoir - Lower Glen   
H Back To Top
Hale Pond Harriman Reservoir Harvey Pond
Hastings Pond Haystack Pond Hidden Lake
Hubner Pond   
I Back To Top
Indian Pond   
J Back To Top
Jacksonville Pond   
K Back To Top
Kenny Pond Kilburn Pond  
L Back To Top
Lake Clara Lake Raponda Lake Sadawga
Larrys Pond Laurel Lake Lily Pond
M Back To Top
Maynard Pond Mcleod Pond Mill Pond
Montague Power Canal Reservoir Moores Pond Mud Pond
N Back To Top
Nash Pond Newell Pond North Pond
North River Reservoir North Round Pond Northfield Mountain Reservoir
Northfield Reservoir Number 3 Forebay Reservoir  
O Back To Top
Otter Brook Lake Otter Pond  
P Back To Top
Pelham Lake Pinnacle Pond Pisgah Reservoir
Pleasant Valley Reservoir Power Canal Reservoir Putnam Pond
R Back To Top
Richards Mill Pond Richards Reservoir Robinhood Park Reservoir
Rodgers Pond Round Pond Ryder Pond
S Back To Top
Sadawga Lake Sandy Pond Sawyer Pond
Sawyer Ponds Shadow Lake Shelburne Falls Fire District Reservoir
Sheomet Lake Shippee Pond South Pond
Spofford Lake Spot Meadow Pond Spruce Lake
Streeter Pond Sunset Lake Surry Mountain Lake
Swanzey Lake Sweet Pond Sweets Pond
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Townshend Reservoir Tufts Pond Turners Falls Reservoir
U Back To Top
Upper Wilson Pond   
V Back To Top
Vernon Hatchery Pond   
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Walpole Reservoir Wanamaker Lake Watson Pond
Weatherhead Hollow Pond Wilmington Reservoir Wilson Pond
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